"Every healing I have had with Cherie has induced a deep relaxation and given great clarity to my own process. Her feedback has been accurate and invaluable. A blessing to work with, thankyou"
- Rob Dreaming, East Sussex

Maha Lakshmi Energy Spray It was make or break time for me in terms of business, I was really struggling to make a breakthrough and I was on the verge of giving up! I used this magic spray & everything opened up - It has been amazing!! - Claire,    more...

St Nectans Kieve essence I just wanted to tell you how wonderful your essence is. I feel it helps elevate me to a level where i can see (literally) beyond the confines of worldly limitations. ~ Petra

Products and services to assist with healing, harmony and celebrating your
true authentic self.

We offer a range of handmade, natural, healing and feel-good products that are fairly traded.
Many of the products contain vibrational essences co-created from energy signatures of sacred places around the globe, crystalline energies, astrological events and earth cycles and rhythms.
Founder, Cherie Seed offers the services of energy healing and essence consultations either in person or distance.